Meet the Team- Dom Garrett

Hey there. My name is Dominick Garrett, and I am a co-founder and the Chief Social officer here at Gathering. I have lived in quite a few places, but I was born in Chicago. When I was in elementary school I moved to the wonderful city of Grand Ledge, MI. After high school and many moves around the wonderful mitten state I ended up in Grand Rapids and immediately fell in love. The city was a mix of everything I loved from other places, and I knew I had found a place where I could stay.


I have loved talking to people my entire life. I was the kid who was well liked by my teachers and peers, even though my parents and I were told that I talked too much. I was the kid talking to strangers in the grocery store and the teeneger who knew everyone at the party, which includes the parents of whoever’s house we were at.


It was that joy of connectivity that led me to social media. I saw Facebook for the first time in 2005 and immediately had to be a part of the revolution. It was a way, not only, to connect  to people but to keep up with old friends. Every single person I met received a friend request, and, in 2008, I found something that fits my personality so well that it may as well have been created specifically for me: Twitter. Finally, a way for me to have a constant, on going conversation with anyone in the world and just like that my world got a whole lot smaller (and bigger).


I have had many different jobs, but I have always come back to social media and sales, the jobs where I could have the most interaction with people and connect with them on a daily basis. I was sitting outside my house this summer when Aaron told me he had an idea. We started going from there, and we began working on a way to make events…better.


And that we did. Gathering allows for you to enhance your entire event experience; it enhances the way you interact with everyone around you. Social media is woven into my DNA, and this allows me to do what I couldn’t do before. It allows me to take my digital footprint where my physical one cannot, and I am excited that it can do that same for you.

Meet the Team- Katie Hall

Good design should go unnoticed. Good design should awe. Good design should be usable. I hold to these like a mantra, and what I do with my design of Gathering, I hope, encompasses all three.


My name is Katie Hall. I grew up in the Suburbs of Chicago. Not the good suburbs, more like the Arcade Fire Suburbs. The benefit of the geographical location of my upbringing can be summed up in having lots of free time to read, write and design and living with the luxury of the amenity of a nearby cultural hub.


I’ve always been passionate about design in one faculty or another. I developed an eccentric fashion sense in high school, wearing something that resembled a costume more than street clothes to school every day. I saved magazine clippings that depicted my ideal interior décor years before I would even rent a drafty apartment in the frigid land that can be Grand Rapids. I taught myself Photoshop simply because I wanted my pictures to be more beautiful (this was before Instagram), and began to free design based on geographical shapes that caught my fancy.


As an almost Chicagoan, I had the luxury of a fierce and constant interaction with beauty. Whether it was an interesting storefront logo or the Art museum, I gaped and absorbed it all. I window-shopped the boutiques I could never afford, and I explored the architecture of a once old city that has since been built nearly anew.


When I moved to Grand Rapids for college, another cityscape captivated me. I learned the quirks and excitement of the town, and I allowed its charm to ensconce me.  I built my world here and honed in on my skills in design, business and socializing (better word?).  And after school, I settled into the business world.


For a long time  I wearily searched for the next step, and yet it came in an epiphany. Incepted amongst the frustration of being unable to RSVP to a wedding invitation digitally, Aaron, Dom and I created Gathering. We melted it down and hammered it out into a smooth recognizable shape that we, then, began to realize and refine.


Over cocktails and coffee we laid the groundwork for an app that we not only believe will serve others, but that we truly and gutturally believe in ourselves. We’re passionate. We’re social. We’re Gathering, and we hope that you will be too.

Meet the Team- Aaron Franklin

My name is Aaron Franklin. I grew up in Seattle, I am (of course) a die hard Seahawks fan, and I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the last 7 years I originally moved to go to Calvin College, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Pre-law with a focus in economics. I currently work in supply chain and economic forecasting at Amway’s Global Headquarters.  Working at Amway as well as a penchant for playing the stock market kept me fairly busy, but I was never passionate about it like I am about Gathering.  


The idea for Gathering began to form while I was getting ready for a wedding in the spring of 2014.  The bride and groom wanted their guests to use a twitter and instagram hashtag so that they would have all of the pictures and conversation from the wedding.  This was not the first wedding I had been to that tried to get their guests to do this, and (just like every other time) I thought it was too labor intensive for people to go through the trouble.  All I could do was think that there has to be a better way. A better way for a group of people who don’t all know each other, but are in the same place for the same thing, to share their respective experiences.


This is where Gathering comes in.  I found something that was broken, and with the help of a few friends, we decided to find a way to fix it.  Ideas, thoughts, and musings started flowing between the three of us (Katie Hall, Dominick Garrett, and myself) and we were starting to create something that we were proud of.  We had all worked on other people’s projects before, but this time we were creating something ourselves that we were proud of.  


Gathering is a tool.  One that we made that we would like to share with you, as a way to connect and share with the people around you.  Gathering is not supposed to be the focal point of an event, but we hope you can use it to make your event everything that you want it to be.


We are Gathering

A gathering is an assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose. We have these every day. Some are weddings, and others are business conferences, planned for months and hopefully remembered for a long time after.

Some gatherings are more low-key. You invite a group of friends over for a nice dinner on a Friday night, or you head to the lake for a nice weekend with your roommates. These take a little less planning, but the memories are just as important.

It doesn’t matter if the group is 5 or 5,000. It doesn’t matter if you plan for hours, months or years. This is your life, and it is made for plenty of gatherings along the way. You deserve a way to have these memories available to you, shared with the people you are spending your time with.

That is where we come in.

Gathering is a platform that allows for you to connect, in real time, with the people around you both physically and digitally. Even after the event has ended you have a way to connect with the people there, re-live the event with messages and pictures, and illustrate your gathering for anyone to see.

In this age your physical footprint is interwoven with the digital one we have online, and Gathering is the perfect mix. What you post online is part of who you are, and Gathering gives you a simple and easy way to connect digitally to make sure you are not missing out on what's happening around you.

We are the gathering space of social media. We are Gathering.