Meet the Team- Dom Garrett

Hey there. My name is Dominick Garrett, and I am a co-founder and the Chief Social officer here at Gathering. I have lived in quite a few places, but I was born in Chicago. When I was in elementary school I moved to the wonderful city of Grand Ledge, MI. After high school and many moves around the wonderful mitten state I ended up in Grand Rapids and immediately fell in love. The city was a mix of everything I loved from other places, and I knew I had found a place where I could stay.


I have loved talking to people my entire life. I was the kid who was well liked by my teachers and peers, even though my parents and I were told that I talked too much. I was the kid talking to strangers in the grocery store and the teeneger who knew everyone at the party, which includes the parents of whoever’s house we were at.


It was that joy of connectivity that led me to social media. I saw Facebook for the first time in 2005 and immediately had to be a part of the revolution. It was a way, not only, to connect  to people but to keep up with old friends. Every single person I met received a friend request, and, in 2008, I found something that fits my personality so well that it may as well have been created specifically for me: Twitter. Finally, a way for me to have a constant, on going conversation with anyone in the world and just like that my world got a whole lot smaller (and bigger).


I have had many different jobs, but I have always come back to social media and sales, the jobs where I could have the most interaction with people and connect with them on a daily basis. I was sitting outside my house this summer when Aaron told me he had an idea. We started going from there, and we began working on a way to make events…better.


And that we did. Gathering allows for you to enhance your entire event experience; it enhances the way you interact with everyone around you. Social media is woven into my DNA, and this allows me to do what I couldn’t do before. It allows me to take my digital footprint where my physical one cannot, and I am excited that it can do that same for you.