10 Ways to Make Friends at Festivals

There is nothing more awesome than going to a music festival, surrounded by tens of thousands of people who are, more or less, just like you.  Meeting and becoming friends with some of these people is one of the best parts of going to a music festival.  Making friends can be harder for some people (myself included), so here are some tips for meeting your new festival buddy or even your new best friend.

1. Represent Your Hometown

People travel from all across the country to attend music festivals, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your city or state. Put up a flag and see if anyone comes by from there too.

2. High Five Everyone

Walking past someone and saying “high-five” works most of the time. Everyone’s excited and pretty willing to dole out a little love. Or at Electric Forest, there is a long story about shouting CARL, then everyone shouting CARL back. Seriously, you should look it up.

3. Bring Extra Glow-ables

Everyone wants glow lights when the sun goes down. You’ll be pretty popular if you bring extras.

4. Bring Extra Bottles of Water.

It sounds pretty nerdy, but without fail you will come across someone who is seriously dehydrated. Keep an extra bottle of water with you. You’ll make a friend, and you just might save a life.

5. Bring an Extra Poncho.

The odds say it is going to rain one of the nights. An extra poncho to offer goes a long way.

6. Set up an Awesome Campsite

If you build it they will come.

7. Dress Up!

Don’t be afraid to look different! Whether it's a cool outfit or complete costume, It’ll take less than 5 minutes for people to start coming up and high-fiving you!

8. Be on Social Media

People will love you if you are posting to Twitter and keeping updates about which shows are coming up and who moved to which stage.  Not to mention, you can make all your friends at home crazy jealous. Just try not to be that person recording the entire set.

9. Bring Paint!

If you’re good at face painting or cool crazy make up, it’s not a bad idea to bring extra and offer to do up your new friends. It’ll form a bond, and you’ll end up with pictures you’ll never forget. Just don’t forget makeup remover!

10. Be Yourself

There are tens of thousands of people at these festivals, odds to not say that someone is a lot like you at the festival you are at. Don’t be nervous, just get out there. You’re sure to have an amazing time.