We're building!

Here at Gathyr we are unbelievably excited to announce we’ve begun development on our app! We’re so happy to see our little monochromatic idea from 10 months ago explode into a colorful product that helps people better connect at events.  

You may be wondering, what are we building exactly?

For our initial launch we are creating a social media aggregate app that combines posts and pictures from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via one or multiple hashtags. That means that you can experience and interact with those apps without having to juggle several at once.  You can also post to any of these social media sites from within Gathyr, again without having to keep several open.

How will you use Gathyr?

If you are hosting an event, simply create an event name and add the hashtag(s) you’d like Gathyr to use to pull in posts and picture from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attendees can use these when posting on any social media site before, during or after. You will select a primary hashtag from the ones you’ve chosen, and that hashtag will be automatically added when your attendees post from our app. You can use your hashtag(s) to steer the event, update attendees and gather data and images on how it went.

If you are attending an event, simply enter the event name to get connected to everything that’s happening. You can post out to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram directly from the app without ever having to go anywhere else.  You can also see all of the pictures that have been posted. ☺

What are we hoping this will accomplish

We want you to be able to connect better at events without all the white noise, advertisements and unrelated content that is unavoidable on other social media platforms. Gathyr cleanly and seamlessly connects you at a concert, work event or major conferences. Really all you need is two people and a hashtag to get started.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. There’ a reason you are already on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram, and we’re not trying to undermine that. We’re simply offering you exactly what posts/pictures you want when you want them. Just authenticate with each of your social media accounts. Our log in process will take no more than a minute. There’s no building up a new contact database, and Gathyr will never try to post on your feeds on your behalf. If you don’t invite us to play Candy Crush we won’t ask you to buy horse shampoo in bulk. It’s not our style.

What’s coming next

We should have our app available in 6-8 weeks, and if you’d like to be notified of when it goes live you can sign up for our mailing list.

We’re really excited to make this big step, but we’ve got a lot more coming too. Our next step is creating a server so that users have more event creation power in app. That way you won’t have to rely so much on people using the hashtag even if they don’t have the app. We’ll also be able to offer your privacy, and you’ll be able to natively post within the app if you don’t feel like posting to Facebook or Twitter.

One Last Thing

The great part about us being a startup is that we’re available nearly 24/7 to field your emails, tweets and Facebook questions. Our motto is “Knope problem too small” (for the Parks and Recreation fans).  We promise that if you have a question, problem or suggestion we will respond to you personally and add a unique picture of our team with an adorable tree walker coonhound by request.